Our Mission

Grandfather Academy, Inc., a North Carolina Charter Public School operated by the Board of Directors of Grandfather Academy, a non-profit 501(c)3 corporation, has the following mission as their goal:

The mission of Grandfather Academy is to provide special educational opportunities for students who have been estranged by emotional, sexual, or other abuse. The school will work in a personalized way to help each child to develop to their fullest potential. This mission will be realized through Individual Education Plans (IEPs) for Special Education students and Individual Education Goals (IEGs) for all other students, integration of therapeutic treatment within the educational setting, involvement by all individuals concerned with the child, and through the availability of high quality personnel, equipment, and curriculum needed to meet the needs of the individual child.

Mission Fulfillment

The mission of Grandfather Academy is to provide each student with a sound basic education within a therapeutic setting. All students will have individual education polans (IEPs for Special Education students and IEGs for all other students) designed to meet them where they are and to help them to achieve to their maximum. The appropriateness of each instructional actibity will depend upon the child's ability, aptitude, achievement, and style of learning. The purpose of each lesson will be to provide a strong foundation in reading, writing, mathematics, and a basic knowledge of social studies, science, fine arts, health and physical education. All students will become competent in learning to explore in speaking, reading, writing, listening, and to be able to communicate through verbal and nonverbal communications. As students feel a sense of safety at Grandfather Academy they will develop positive self-concepts, recognize and value their own individuality and accept both their capabilities and limitations. These positve steps will allow each student to overcome their past traumas and be successful in living a confident life full of educational opportunities and a desire for lifelong learning