Educational Purpose

The students of Grandfather Academy experience improved learning opportunities due to the fact that individual classes are structured in such a way as to maintain peer groups intact so they will continue to function as therapeutic peer groups throughout the school day. Children will receive individualized education designed to maximize academic strengths and allow a safe opportunity to gain proficiency in areas of underachievement. The program will provide an emotionally- supportive environment which allows children to experience academic success, often for the first time in their life, empowering them to achieve their potential. The scholastic progress of each child at Grandfather Academy will have a goal of, at least, one year of advancement. Successful blending of treatment and education allows children who have been written off as mildly mentally handicapped, incorrigible, undisciplined, and untrainable to learn to think, to believe, and to succeed in academics and every area of their lives. The Individual Education Plan (IEP) for Special Education students and the Individualized Education Goals (IEG) for all other children are designed to reflect the innate and open-ended abilities of the individual child. The overall philosophy for each child's academic goals will reflect the principle of Grandfather Academy of "demanding greatness vs. demanding obedience."

Educational Focus

Grandfather Academy has been established to meet the educational needs primarily of two groups of children: those children who have been placed in Grandfather Home for Children and children from the local area who need this specialized education. The children at Grandfather Home have become estranged from their families by emotional, sexual or physical abuse. One result of the abuse is that they are not able to function appropriately in a typical public school. Each child will have an Individual Education Plan (IEPs for Special Education students and IEGs for all other students). These will take into account the child's strengths and weaknesses with the educational program focusing on improving skills. Grandfather Home students will be grouped with the same peers in their treatment group; others will be placed in the group appropriate for his/her needs. The academy will focus not only on helping students make satisfactory educational progress but will also help them become prepared to function in a public school. The children at Grandfather Home need to have the best possible educational experiences to help them overcome past traumas and be successful in their lives. A charter school designed to meet the needs of these children and others with similar adjustment problems offers the best hope for their future.

Instructional Program

The school calendar of Grandfather Academy will include 210 instructional days each academic year. The instructional program is totally designed to facilitate learning for each individual student to their maximum abilities. All instructors use various curriculum design and methods to best accomplish the learning needs of the individuals. All classrooms are self-contained. The students will attend classes as a positive peer culture group. Ages and levels of academic achievement will vary in each classroom. Each child's IEP (Special Education) or IEG will define his/her academic needs. From this plan the teacher in concert with therapeutic staff will work to nurture and stimulate the child's interest in learning. Scheduling of outside presenters to come into the classroom and field trips will extend and enhance the classroom learning experience. The use of current educational materials, computer learning and enhancement experiences are part of the model of learning at Grandfather Academy. The basic learning model at Grandfather Academy is to meet the educational needs of every child in attendance, as well as to integrate a therapeutic treatment program so that the child may develop their full potential both in an academic and therapeutic sense. The curriculum and instructional program will meet and/or exceed the student performance standards adopted by the State Board of Education. Grandfather Academy will basically serve children with special needs. Policies adopted by the State Board of Education for Charter Schools will be followed. The school continues to seek all proper licenses and certificates.